coronavirus restrictions on public life regulations

Not allowed

(Work – if temperature is above 38 C (employers must check upon entry

Shopping centers

Entertainment venues

Non-essential stores

Parks and public gardens

Events and parties

Hikes and outings

(Gatherings in places of worship (all religions

Reduce public transport

100m from home for a short time (with or without a dog)

Assistance to a person with difficulty

Purchase food, pharmaceuticals, and optical aids

Medical treatment, blood donation, welfare services



(Prayers – up to 10 people – open spaces – 2 meters social distancing (all religion)

Weddings, funerals, brit milah

– outdoors up to 20 people – 2 meters distance and women’s mikva per regulations

Demonstrations | Legal proceedings

Transfer of a minor per regulations

Food deliveries, newspapers, electrical appliances, communication products, medical accessories, and essential services for home maintenance

Online / phone sales with delivery of all types of products outside the home entrance

Taxi – one passenger or 2 if a medical escort is needed, back seat, windows open

Essential car travel up to 2 occupants

general isolation -6 ENGLISH.pdf
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